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Power Book Jackets

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Power Book II Ghost Jackets Collection

After the end of the fan-favorite TV-Series Power, we got to learn more depths about another character named Tariq St. Patrick and his fate in Power Book 2: Ghost, which focuses mainly on Tariq. Episode by episode, as the story begins to get more interesting, we were introduced to many other lovely and adorable characters like Brayden, Lauren, Zeke, and others. Along with the interesting storyline, the other interesting things fans noticed in the series were the amazing and fabulous Tariq St. Patrick Outfits and the attires of other characters, as well. So, to get you in the Power, DANEZON brings you Power Book II Ghost Merchandise. In here, you will find a tantalizing array of all the fantastic attires that you have loved in the series like Tariq St. Patrick Brown Jacket, Brayden Weston Bomber Jacket, Power Book II Zeke Coat, Tariq Plaid Jacket, Tasha St. Patrick Blazer, and so many others. More fascinating about these attires is that they are available at unbelievably affordable prices so that you can on as much of them as you can. More to that, the premium fabric and outstanding quality of these outfits will be another reason to get them. So, just wear this Power Book II Ghost Outfits Collection and WITNESS THE POWER!

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Power Book II Outfits Costume FAQs

Is Power Book II a western or eastern series?
Power Book II is a prominent American drama television series featured on Starz.

Who is the creator of Power Book II?
Courtney A.Kemp created power Book II in the year 2020.

How many episodes of Power Book II have been released?
Fifteen episodes have been released in Power Book II: Ghost.

Who is Tariq St. Patrick in Power Book II?
Tariq St. Patrick is the central character in the series Power Book II. He is the son of James and Tasha St. Patrick.

Is Tariq St. Patrick a bad or a good guy?
Tariq is supposed to be a bad guy throughout the series. He gradually follows in his father's footsteps “Ghost” as a drug dealer.

Is Power Book II a sequel?
Power Book II is actually both a sequel and spin-off to Power.

Who played the role of Dru Tejada?
Lovell Adams-Grey portrayed the character of Dru Tejada throughout the series.

Who is the most notorious character in Power Book II?
Cane, Dru Tejada's brother, is supposed to be a ruthless gangster in the college.

Who is the girlfriend of Tariq in Power Book II?
Lauren Baldwin is the college mate and the current girlfriend of Tariq in Power Book II.

From where can I purchase the Power Book II Outfits?
Danezon is the perfect store for you if you are looking to purchase outfits of top-notch quality fabric at a most reasonable price with detailed stitching and comfort.