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Fast and Furious Jackets Collection

Upon the release of Fast And Furious 1 in 2001, the franchise kept on expanding. With the addition of new and more daring characters and bold feats, getting more dangerous with every movie, the Fast And Furious franchise is now one of the biggest movie franchises. Throughout the franchise, many characters have been added to Dom’s crew, and many have gone, but the franchise has earned its place among its huge fandom. So, steady your brakes, warm your engines, and settle into your position because the Fast And Furious Outfits Collection have arrived on your mark. In our category of jackets, you will find various jackets worn by the antagonists as well as protagonists throughout the franchise. The category also includes the latest F9 Jackets like Fast And Furious 9 Jakob Toretto Blue Blazer, F9 Han Black Jacket, Fast And Furious Dominic Toretto Jacket, Letty Ortiz Black Motorcycle Jacket, Dominic Toretto Black Leather Jacket, F9 Roman Pearce Jacket, Tej Parker Jacket, and many others from the previous franchise including Jason Statham Black Jacket, Giselle Yashar Asymmetrical Leather Jacket, Fate Of The Furious Cipher Jacket, Luke Hobbs Denim Jacket, and others that you will love to wear as they give you a comfortable sensation. Also, the discounted price makes this Fast And Furious Merchandise more flexible for anyone to purchase. So, just wear the irresistible attires from this category and be FAST AND FURIOUS!

Fast and Furious & F9 Jackets, Vest & Coats FAQs

1) Is F9 is a western movie?

F9 is an American movie franchise having 8 different parts starting from The Fast and The Furious and the recent being Fast And
Furious 9.

2) Who is Jakob Toretto?

Jakob Toretto is the brother of Dominic Toretto and Mia Toretto, who is a dangerous assassin in the movie.

3) What role does Vin Diesel play in Fast and Furious?

Vin Diesel plays the role of Dominic Toretto, an elite street car racer and the head of his crew.

4) What is the 8th Fast and Furious movie called?

Fast 8 is an American action movie and is also known as The Fate and the Furious.

5) In which part of the franchise was Han killed?

Han was brutally killed by Deckard Shaw during the events of Fast and the Furious 7 and Tokyo Drift.

6) Who is the villain in F9?

Cipher is presumed to be the villain in F9 who works with Jakob Toretto, who is also the brother of Dominic Toretto.

7) Who is Mia Toretto?

Mia is the brother of Dominic Toretto, the lover and the wife of Brian, a good and devoted friend of Dom.

8) Are Hobbs & Show coming in F9?

Neither Hobbs nor Shaw is part of F9. They were last featured in Hobbs & Shaw and The Fate of the Furious.

9. Who is Cipher?

Cipher appears as the old enemy of Dominic Toretto and the crew, who is a criminal mastermind. She teams up with Jakob to destroy Dom
and his crew.

10. Who is Brian O'Conner?

Firstly, Brian O'Conner was an FBI agent and former LAPD. Later, he got into a romantic relationship with Mia, and he also becomes friends with Dom, helping him in heists and other missions.

11. How did Paul Walker die?

The actor, best known for Brian O'Conner, in the Fast & Furious movie series died in a fiery car accident near Rye Canyon Loop on Nov 30, 2013.

12. When is F9 coming out?

F9 is the ninth addition to the Fast and Furious Franchise and is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021, in the United States.

13) Who is Ramsey?

Ramsey is introduced in Fast 7 as a British computer hacktivist. She later becomes a member of Dominic Toretto's crew.

14) Are Vin Diesel and The Rock friends?

Yes, they are not brothers. However, they have been seen together with ultimate action scenes in different movies and are good friends.

15) Who played the role of Letty Ortiz?

Michelle Rodriguez has played the character of Letty Ortiz throughout the whole series of Fast and Furious.

16) Is Brian coming back in Fast 9?

Fast & Furious 9 will have the character of Late Paul Walker, Brian O' Conner is back in the series. The fans are eagerly waiting for it.

17) How much money do they steal in Fast 5?

Fast Five follows Dominic Toretto with his team as they plan a robbery to steal $100 Million from a corrupt businessman named Hernan

18) Is fast and furious Nine the last part?

The Fast & Furious franchise will go for one more lap before it finishes. According to the producer, Fast & the Furious Ten will be
the last part of the franchise.