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The Suicide Squad / Suicide Squad 2 Costumes Collection

You have heard of teams of superheroes who protect the world as well as various villainous teams creating destruction, but have you ever heard of a team of villains working for a good cause? Yeah, that’s Suicide Squad for you. Featuring the world’s craziest villains and anti-heroes, Suicide Squad is a team of deadliest characters working on the orders of Amanda Wallers. Also, the best part about this team is the craziness of Harley Quinn. How could you make a team of the world’s deadliest villains and not include the crazy, psycho girlfriend of Joker, Harley Quinn? This insane team is always in action and mood to fight but always with a charming look. Thanks to the amazing attires of the team, fans have fallen so badly in love with these jackets, that they just only want it for cosplay. Therefore, this Suicide Squad Shop is at your service. In this category, you will find all the badass jackets and coats of the characters from Harley Quinn to Joker. These attires include Harley Quinn Satin Bomber Jacket, Joker Purple Coat, Joker Ivory Tuxedo, Captain Boomerang Leather Coat, Blackguard Vest, Mongal Vest, The Suicide Squad 2 Captain Boomerang Cost, Savant Jacket, and many other costumes from both the movies that will give a dashing final touch to your attires. So, don them like a badass and rock your way!

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