Outlander Merchandise Collection

Sometimes, our destiny is neither bound to present or future, but the past. An example of such destiny is Clair and Jamie. Distanced by the time, but still met by the faith. As Clair arrives back in time and continues to live there, she falls in love with Jamie and fights alongside him on various occasions. Even though both the characters are from era having a gap of even more than two centuries, but still the only thing common is the charming, gentle, and elegant style of both the eras. And when it comes to style, coats, jackets, and vests play a prominent role. In our Outlander Merchandise, you will find all those elegant and bold outwears, including Jamie Fraser Vest, Claire Randall Coat, Jamie Fraser Trench Coat, John Grey Coat, Murtagh Fraser Vest, and other charming ones to keep give your wardrobe a touch of a proper gentleman. Just like a gentleman’s and gentlewoman’s outfits should be, these attires are also comfortable and consists of a noble addition. So, put them on and FIGHT YOUR BATTLES!

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