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Altered Carbon Outfits Collection

Fight, get killed, get resleeved, and repeat. As soon as Altered Carbon TV-Series arrived with its unique concept of sleeves, stacks, and neo world, it took over the hearts of fans with those absolute charms. As Takeshi goes more and more around this new world to solve the mystery, the Altered Carbon universe got expanded to more new characters, each with its own sassy style. However, as Takeshi continued his journey to solve a murder mystery and find his long love, fans got to witness more new and awesome jackets and coats. Therefore, DANEZON offers you Altered Carbon Outfits, a collection where you will outfit like Takeshi Kovacs Trench Coat, Reileen Kawahara Coat, Kristin Ortega Black Jacket, Takeshi Kovacs Coat, Altered Carbon Resleeved Red Jacket, Anthony Mackie Leather Jacket, and many others that will delight you whenever you wear them. So, just grab them and rock your way in whichever century you go!

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