Southside Serpents Jacket


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  • Material: PU Leather / Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Collar: Lapel Style Collar
  • Cuffs: Zipper Cuffs
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Southside Serpents Logo on Back
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Cole Sprouse Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket

Aforementioned, Southside Serpents Jacket is an impersonation of the jacket that Southside Serpents wore in the Riverdale TV-series. Southside Serpents is one of the gangs residing near Riverdale. The foundation of the Southside Serpents dates back to the 40s. Thomas Topaz is one of the founding members of the gang. In the series, Serpents appear when Hiram Lodge hires them to defame Twilight Drive-In to buy it for a cheap price. When Jason Blossom asks the gang for help, they use him to run drugs. Before Jason’s murder, FP Jones becomes the leader of the gang. When FP goes to prison for not confessing to the Sheriff about the gang, Southside Serpents arrive at Jughead’s trailer and offer him FP’s jacket. Other than that, Jughead and FP Jones, there are various notable members of the gang, including Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, Toni Topaz, Alice Cooper, Jellybean Jones, Gladys Jones, Sweat Pea, Fangs Fogarty, and many others. When Jughead goes to Southside High, he meets Toni Topaz and various other serpents. Later, he then joins the gang after surviving the Initiation.

Following Jughead, Betty then also joins the gang. When Southside High closes, Serpents and the others get shifted to Riverdale High. After saving the Serpents, Cheryl Blossom becomes one of their members and earns this Jacket f her variation in Red Color. Other than that, Southside then also unites with Northside. They also help in rescuing Archie Andrews. In addition to that, Serpents play an important role on various occasions. So, get this jacket and be a Serpent.

Product Features:

The indicated Riverdale Southside Serpents Jacket is an astonishing attire with such a splendid beauty. This intriguing Riverdale Southside Serpents Black Leather Jacket is available for men as well as women. Other than that, the jacket is present in Two Colors: Red and Black. In addition to that, the Serpent logo of the jacket is available in the variation, as well. Also, you can order this jacket in original leather or in high-quality PU leather, as well. Its specifications feature a peak lapel collar, straps on shoulders, zipped cuffs, and asymmetrical front zip closure. So, just wear the most badass jacket of the year and get the exclusive yet hottest look.

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19 Reviews For This Product

  1. 19

    by Richard Farrell

    This Jughead Jones Southside Serpent Jacket is so much of a dashing jacket that it just always gives me chilling vibes. Not just it looks very cool from the outside, but its inner leather is also very comfortable that I just always love about it whenever I wear it. I am genuinely thinking to shop more of these amazing products from here.

  2. 19

    by Collin Elton

    Whenever I wear it, it just give always gives me a feel of comfort and relaxation. I would just say that Cole Sprouse Southside Serpents Jacket is like a traditional biker jacket with a unique and modern touch. Also, the favorite part about this jacket is the Snake logo at the back which makes it very much dashing.

  3. 19

    by Joshue Hazel

    Really loved this Southside Serpents Leather Jacket. Even though I loved both of its style, but still, the original style (style 1) looks very great and charming. I loved it.

  4. 19

    by Krystal

    The design is very nice and the fabric is also very great.

  5. 19

    by Erica

    I ordered this Riverdale Southside Serpent Black Jacket in style 2 and it is really lovely. At first, I though that it would not be a much attractive as the one with Original Serpent logo, but it is really cool.

  6. 19

    by Dallas

    I ordered this cool jacket in Red color and it is too much stunning. Also, the price is better here than the other stores. Thanks a lot.

  7. 19

    by Nancy Collin

    This Riverdale Southside Serpents Red Leather Jacket is pretty lovely to wear. Its been merely two to three days since it has arrived and I have already wore it at two to three occasions. Loved it 3000!

  8. 19

    by Mia Hook

    First of all, thanks a lot. This jacket is very pretty and amazing and beautifully design, as well. What I would prefer is that you should just improve your delivery service a little, otherwise, the store is literal perfection. Thanks a lot again.

  9. 19

    by Davis

    The red Color of this Riverdale Southside Serpents Biker Leather Jacket is too much charming and sassy. I thought that it was just for women, but it looks cool on men too. It is really worth it!

  10. 19

    by Zayn Bowen

    A friend of mine recommended this store to me as she was really satisfied with the product here. However, I also had a nice experience here, but not that satisfying as I had to return the product for some legit issues. Even though the product arrived after a week, but I am still disappointed, especially due to its delivery. However, I would also state that the product is fine and good.

  11. 19

    by Elijah Hall

    Loved the way this store allows you to have so many options to kinda make Southside Serpents Jacket of your own style. Its great to have a jacket of your own style.

  12. 19

    by Scarlett Sanchez

    Damn! that a legit great jacket. I always a Southside Serpent Jacket in Red, but couldn’t find it. However, now I got one and I am really happy with it.

  13. 19

    by Joshua Ryan

    Not just its the most badass jacket of the year, but also, I love to wear it like I am a Serpent myself. So much amazing.

  14. 19

    by Ellen Young

    Charming Black color, badass, design, and a dashing style. This Southside Serpents Leather Jacket is all perfect, but its size is a little bigger. Still, its not much of a big deal, will definitely be of use in the coming years, as well.

  15. 19

    by Davis Miller

    Loved this amazing sassy and badass Riverdale Southside Serpents Leather Jacket. I would agree that the delivery service was later, but the cool design of this jacket makes up for that.

  16. 19

    by Melton Jones

    This Riverdale Southside Serpents Leather Jacket is definitely the jacket that I would wear even in the hottest days of Summer, as well.

  17. 19

    by Sophia Rainn

    Was looking for this Southside Serpents Jacket for a month. I even searched for a whole day on the internet also, but couldn’t find it in a good price and the way I wanted. However, a friend of mine saw this store out of somewhere and recommended me to check it out as well. Turns out, I found the Southside Serpents Jacket exactly the way I wanted like Red Color, affordable price, and even a different logo as well. Before ordering it, I even make sure from the customer service staff about the quality of this jacket and whether I will get the jacket accurately with all those specifications I wanted or it will be another clickbait. However, I would say that it was not a clickbait, but turns out it was the best online experience I had in a while. So, I would definitely prefer everyone here to do shop from here. In the meanwhile, I am looking forward to explore this shop more and shop from here as I also found various products from the latest movies as well.

  18. 19

    by Kieran Hughins

    From the time I have bought this Southside Serpents Riverdale Leather Jacket, I have been in love with it. There are many times that I think of going out wearing some other jacket, but whenever I even look at it, I just lost myself for it and then I go out wearing this again. Also, I just dunno why not much people know about this store. It is really amazing and I guess this store do need much appreciation!

  19. 19

    by Barrie dark

    Ordered for my fiancée in red color because I love him to wear such kind of gangster and classy outfits. it fits well on him. Happy Shopping with them !!