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As much as the Top Gun itself has been a cult favorite, there has been no less the love for its lead character Lieutenant Pete Mitchell, a.k.a. Maverick. The bold, daring, and charming US Navy Pilot from the renowned Top Gun Academy not just made his way to the skies but in doing so, the character managed to swoosh his way to the love of so many people. Rebellious, handsome, and definitely inconsiderate of the risks on his way, how much of a bad boy could one ask for?
Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is not just responsible to inspire a whole lot of the millennials, but Tom Cruise’s defiant Maverick even managed to influence Generation Z in terms of personality and appearance, as well, thanks to the highly acclaimed Top Gun sequel named Top Gun: Maverick. With all this being said, there have been many people who want to give this Maverick costume a shot but there are always certain items they are unable to get. Therefore, we are here to present you the Costume Guide for Maverick costume from Top Gun 1 so that you can stop writing check your body can’t cash and go through this easy guide because it’s just a Walk In The Park, Kazansky!

White Crew Neck T-Shirt:

Let’s just begin with the basics layer. Of course, the first and the most simple item required for this get-up is a Plain White T-Shirt like the one that Tom Cruise’s character is seen wearing in the film. Sure, if you want to add a little pizzazz to the outfit, you can feel free to go for a shirt with the Top Gun logo on it.
Anyways, the T-Shirt will be composed of high-quality cotton fabric, along with basic features like a pullover-style front and half-sleeves.

Blue Jeans:
The second essential accessory that you will probably notice is the Blue Jeans. Even though you can easily find a lot of variety in jeans, if you are a fan of going totally accurate, then you should definitely check out the link provided here.
Know what? One of the most wonderful things about it is that not just they are composed of 100% cotton but are made in a way to even sit easily on a natural waist. In addition, the quality-cotton fabric is comfortable enough for you to wear it all day long without any irritations.

Now, the foremost and final element needed to complete your Maverick look is none other than the Top Gun Maverick Brown Shearling Jacket, which despite being a replica gives you the ultimate premium quality experience and makes your outfit among the Best Of The Best.
Top-Notch Leather, smooth inner viscose lining, and the comfy shearling collar, along with various features, is exactly what you need to keep your appearance scot-free and your attitude higher.

Just like you, these shoes are quite unique for their appearance as well as for their quality. Just like all the other above-stated things, the shoes are also the exact match to the ones from the movie.
Pointed-toe design, leather material, multicolored, Western Cowboy style, and vintage, you will definitely love to see how each of the features of these boots just bring out more and more of their beauty, all the while keeping your feet in comfort.

You can also add these accessories to bring more altitude to your get-up.

Inspired by the Top Gun Franchise and consisting of a Golden frame, these sunglasses will surely be a perfect item to tap more into that adorable yet defying personality that you are rooting for. Not to mention the UV Protection lenses of it that will keep your charm reflecting.

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