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Halloween Ideas Costume

Even though one can find a huge variety of Halloween Outfits in this Halloween Collection, but still, the big question remains i.e. What to wear on this year’s Halloween? It’s always stressful to decide what trendy attire to wear for the annual Halloween. So, here is the fix for that problem. These are the top 10 costume ideas for Haloween 2021, recommended by DANEZON.


Who’s Milton? Do you know who is Milton? Well, Harley Quinn doesn’t know it either, but you know what else she knows very well? It’s that her Harley Quinn 2021 Jacket is the best-seller, comic accurate as well as inspired by the Arkham Franchise. Hence, the perfect idea for Halloween. Even more amazing part about it is that the jacket also has three variations for the back slogan for you to select any one of them. Pair the jacket with red leather pants, some tattoos, a choker, and don’t forget a bazooka, and voila! The best Halloween costume is ready for the serve.

The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn Jacket
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► The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn Gloves ( View Product )
► The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn Boots ( View Product )
► The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn Choker ( View Product )
► The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn HQ Belt ( View Product )
► The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn Belt ( View Product )
► The Suicide Squad 2021 Harley Quinn Wig ( View Product )


The Nightwing Jacket has been one of our best-selling products for a very good time. The ultimate design and superior quality of the jacket say it all. When one thinks about cosplaying a hunky yet handsome superhero, none can be better than this sidekick turned superhero. Besides, ever since the debut of
Brenton Thwaite’s Nightwing in the Titans TV Series, the character and his costume have been a fan-favorite. So, the jacket is definitely the top pick for this year’s Halloween. Match them with a pair of badass escrima sticks or batons, and IT’S TIME FOR A THWACK!

Titans Nightwing Jacket
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► Nightwing Boots ( View Product )
► Nightwing Gloves ( View Product )
► Nightwing Escrima Sticks ( View Product )


How can one consider it a Halloween without honoring the legendary Halloween movie franchise? Even though the jacket is not a part of a costume or something like that, but it is still greatly preferred by the fans. Besides, the back of the jacket features the poster of the classic Halloween 1978, the movie that marked the beginning of this killer franchise. So, if you are not feeling too much festive, then here you go. Just wear this Halloween 1978 Bomber Jacket, dim the lights, and start binging the Halloween Franchise.

John Carpenters Halloween 1978 Jacket
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The sun has gone down, the eve of Halloween has begun. So, you know it’s time to put on your cape, sharpen your fangs, and go for the hunt. No matter what year it is or whatever the trend is going on, the Dracula Cloak is always one of the most-demanded Halloween attires. Dracula, or otherwise Vampire, is one of the well-known monsters from the myths. The long and comfortable cloak is the easiest a Halloween costume can get. To add the horror to it, all you need is a pair of fake fangs, Victorian-era male clothing, and
some blood to score a perfect look.

Grim Reaper Coat
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► Grim Reaper Shirt ( View Product )
► Grim Reaper Pant ( View Product )
► Grim Reaper Vest ( View Product )


IT’S SO COOL, RIGHT? Being a blockbuster film, Black Widow and all of its characters have received the appreciation they deserve. Among them, Yelena Belova is the most prominent one. Hence, the perfect costume idea for this year’s Halloween. With its comfortable fabric and unique design, you will definitely have fun cosplaying the badass character of Yelena Belova. Besides, IT HAS SO MANY POCKETS, and you can keep so much stuff in there that you wouldn’t even know. So, get this vest, cosplay the character, and
don’t be a TOTAL POSER!

Yelena Belova Vest
► Yelena Belova Shoes ( View Product )
► Yelena Belova Gloves ( View Product )
► Yelena Belova Jacket ( View Product )
► Yelena Belova Belt ( View Product )
► Yelena Belova Holster ( View Product )


If you have the ability to take over the dance floor and some sick dance moves, then this TFATWS Zemo Trench Coat is what you should be looking forward to wearing on this year’s Halloween. Aside from The Falcon And The Winter Soldier TV Series being a hit, Baron Zemo’s appearance all along the series was a masterpiece among which the most popular was his Zemo Cut, which features an hour-long video of Baron Zemo just vibing with the music. So, ever since that, the Zemo Trench Coat has been in trend, and hey, what’s a trending outfit for if you cannot use it for Halloween? Hence, Halloween 2021 is the right time to put your villain side on display and defeat the good guys with a DANCE OFF!

Baron Zemo Trench Coat
► Baron Zemo Mask ( View Product )
► Baron Zemo Shoes ( View Product )
► Baron Zemo Gloves ( View Product )
► Baron Zemo Pants ( View Product )
► Baron Zemo Belt ( View Product )
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Variant or not, this Halloween, let loose the mischief in you with this Loki 2021 Variant Jacket. How can one not want to cosplay the sensation of the year? The Loki TV Series has brought along with itself a bunch of new costume idea, which ranges from Croki (alligator Loki) to He Who Remains. Among all these ideas from the series is the Loki Variant Jacket to complete your Loki Variant look. Again, this year’s one of the trending outfits, the jacket is quite phenomenal. From pranking your neighbors to doing everything mischievous, this Halloween, unleash your inner Loki with friends, and if someone disobeys, PRUNE THEM!

Tom Hiddleston Loki 2021 Jacket
► LOKI 2021 VARIANT Shirt ( View Product )
► LOKI 2021 VARIANT Pant ( View Product )
► LOKI 2021 Variant TVA Buckle ( View Product )
► LOKI 2021 Variant Belt ( View Product )
► LOKI 2021 Variant Tie ( View Product )
► LOKI 2021 Variant Wig ( View Product )


If a horror monster, a crazy psychopath, an assassin, or a villain with some seriously lit dance and the God Of Mischief haven’t struck you as the best one, then maybe you would like something as simple as Mobius from the Loki TV Series. Just like this character of Mobius has garnered attention from his fans, his signature Mobius Suit also hasn’t gone unnoticed, and hey, who wouldn’t like a trending yet simple costume for Halloween rather than putting on many things, as well? In addition to the suit, all you will be needing to complete your Mobius look will either be getting yourself a LOKI OR A JETSKI!

Loki 2021 Mobius M. Mobius Blazer
► Loki 2021 Mobius Buckle ( View Product )
► Loki 2021 Mobius Tie ( View Product )
► Loki 2021 Mobius Shirt ( View Product )
► Loki 2021 Mobius Wig ( View Product )
► Loki 2021 Mobius Shoes ( View Product )

V from Cyberpunk COSTUME

Whether you are living in a neo-apocalyptic future or the present, Cyberpunk V Jacket will always be suitable for Halloween. Besides, just like the last year, Cyberpunk is one of the hottest topics of this year, as well. So, if you are feeling like going for something futuristic or planning to go, Cyborg, then Cyberpunk V Samurai Jacket is here to complete the killer look. This fantastic jacket has been one of our best-selling jackets and has been in customers’ demands for a long time. Now, the only thing that you will need to do with this thrilling costume will be to BURN THE CITY TO THE GROUND!!!

Cyberpunk V Jacket
► Cyberpunk Pant ( View Product )
► Cyberpunk T-Shirt ( View Product )
► Cyberpunk Shoes ( View Product )
► Cyberpunk Belt ( View Product )


Do you also read it as the Money Heist Red Hoodie or #Squadgoals because hey, both of them are the same things, aren’t they? Ever since these robbers have arrived on screen, they have stolen the hearts of hundreds of people with their daring, bold, and breath-taking actions. Among these are the mesmerizing iconic Red
Hoodies that the robbers from the series have worn in the series with a Dali Mask. Hence, here is another perfect idea if you and your buddies are up for a cool group cosplay for Halloween, then you might have found your perfect group cosplay idea even before thinking about it. Now, other than the Money Heist Red Hoodie, all you will be needing to nail this perfect costume will be an HONOR AMONG THIEVES!

With all these ideas of the trending costumes been provided and this enthralling collection of Halloween Costumes being provided, what you will be needing is to just choose your best of the outfits from this vast array and make your Halloween a NIGHT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET!

Money Heist Red Jumpsuit
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► Money Heist Jumpsuit ( View Product )
► Money Heist Socks ( View Product )
► Money Heist Shoes ( View Product )

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