Stargirl Sportsmaster Vest


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  • Material: Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Front Belted Closure
  • Color: Black
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Neil Hopkins TV Series Stargirl Sportsmaster Leather Vest

The indicated Stargirl Sportsmaster Vest is an imitation of the vest that Sportsmaster wore in Stargirl TV-Series. In the series, Crusher Crock, also known as Sportsmaster, is the father of Artemis and the husband of Paula. Crusher is also one of the members of the Injustice Society of America. He was also involved during the ISA’s attack on JSA. Years later, when his daughter’s coach grounds her, Lawrence, along with Paula, confront him and bashes his head. He then goes to Jordan, who sends him on a mission to kill the JSA. He then sets a trap for the JSA with Tigress. During the fight, Sportsmaster battles with Stargirl and Hourman. In the end, as STRIPES arrive, Sportsmaster flees the scene with Tigress. Neil Hopkins played the role of Sportsmaster.

The presented Stargirl Neil Hopkins Vest is an augmentation of high-quality original leather. Not just that, the vest also comprises a viscose lining that is stitched inside to make it comfortable enough for you to wear. In addition to that, the specifications of this vest accommodate an erected collar, padded design, and front zip fastening.

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