Kingdom Hearts III Sora Leather Jacket


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  • Material: PU Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Collar: Peak Lapel Collar
  • Color: Black
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Video Game Kingdom Hearts III Haley Joel Osment Jacket

Aforementioned, Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Jacket is a replica of the jacket that Sora wore in the Kingdom Hearts 3 video-game. In the game, Sora is the protagonist of the game, who is a Keyblade Wielder from a place named Destiny Island. At the island, Sora, along with his friends named Riku and Kairi, used to dream of venturing away to find the land beyond their home. In the Kingdom Hearts 3, after the events of the previous game, Sora decides to go on a journey along with Donald and Goofy to restore his powers. After going to the Mysterious Tower and completing Yen Sid’s request, Yen Side reveals to Sora that Hercules can restore his powers. However, during their journey, Sora then also forgets certain things like how to activate the Gummi Ship. After arriving in Olympus, Sora then goes to climbing a mountain along with his friends. While climbing, he then also encounters Hades, who flies the trio away, but Hercules saves them. When Hercules encourages Sora, he decides to continue his quest. Haley Joel Osment voiced the role of Sora.

This Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora Leather Jacket is an augmentation of top-quality PU leather, and it consists of an inner stitched viscose lining to keep you comfortable. Its specifications feature a peak lapel collar, half sleeves, a hood, and front zip closure.

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