Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Trench Coat


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  • Material: Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Front Open Style
  • Collar: Shawl Collar
  • Sleeves: Full Length Fitted Sleeves
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Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Zoe Saldana Leather Coat

This Gamora Trench Coat is a facsimile of the coat that Gamora wore in Guardians Of The Galaxy. In the movie, Gamora is an assassin, who is also the daughter of Thanos. When Peter retrieves the Orb, Ronan sends Gamora after him. As she attempts to take the orb, a fight arises due to which Nova Corps officers send them to prison. At the prison, when Drax attempts to kill her, Quill talks him into not killing her as she will lead them to Ronan. She then also helps Peter, Rocket, Groot, and Drax in escaping from the prison. When they go to meet The Collector, and Ronan arrives, Gamora’s sister named Nebula goes after her. When Nebula destroys Gamora’s ship, Peter arrives and saves her. She then also begins a relationship with Peter. During the final battle, as she defeats Nebula, Gamora then also asks her to join her, but Nebula escapes. Later, she then also shares the burden of Infinity Stone along with the others to defeat Ronan. In the end, she travels across the Galaxy along with Peter and the others. Zoe Saldana portrayed the character of Gamora.

This Zoe Saldana Gamora Coat is the production of top-quality pure leather consisting of an inner stitched viscose lining to keep you comfortable. Its features accommodate a shawl styled collar, fitted cuffs, and open style front.

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