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Faking your death and starting over in a new place with a new name is pretty hard and weird. Being an ordinary person while hiding your original identity as a prolific serial killer is not for everyone. The new American crime drama television series Dexter: New Blood is the most awaited series as it's about to release with massive action events. Further, the series centers on the story of a brutal serial killer Dexter, who faked his death for ten years and heads to the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter completely hides his identity under the name of Jim Lindsay, an ordinary local shopkeeper. As the series progresses, the sequence of unexpected events eventually convinces him to reveal his Dark Passenger.
Now, It's time to reveal the original Cast of Dexter New Blood:

The cast of the dominating television series includes a talented American actor, Michael C. Hall as the leading character Dexter Morgan, Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan. Further, the series featured most prominent actresses like Julia Jones as Angela Bishop, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, and much more.

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