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Cursed Outfits Collection

People are always been familiar with the Legends of King Arthur, his allies, and especially his enchanted sword. However, what if it all those legends get twisted and what if a true Queen wields the sword instead of a King? Well, Cursed TV-Series is here to give us a roller coaster ride to that scenario. Instead of King Arthur, Cursed revolves around Nimue, who is known as the Lady Of Lake in the legendary mythos. No matter Cursed went to a different route than the original mythos, but it still became a massive hit, not just due to those characters but also due to the notable outfits, in which those legendary characters appeared in the series. In our category of Cursed Merchandise, you will love these outstanding array of outfits, which include Nimue Cloak, Arthur Leather Jacket, Lancelot Hooded Coat, Merlin Coat, Gawain Leather Jacket, Nimue Vest, and so many others that will definitely steal your heart. Other than that, these products are available here at DANEZON at a discounted price so that you can enjoy your cosplay as these fantasy products. In addition to that, these products are so radiant, that from stitch to style, you will all the aspects of them. So, just wear ’em and bring out your inner legend.

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