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The New Mutants Outfits Collection

For more than a decade, the renowned live-action version of X-MEN-led by Charles Xavier-is loved by the fans, who have grown around them. Therefore, everyone loved that generation, but what they don’t know is a generation after them. The New Mutants is a generation of Mutants, who have faced terrible fate. In addition to that, their powers have made their life even worse. Locked in an asylum for mutants, The New Mutants movie revolves around a group of teenage mutants who fight for a way to get out of there, while facing terrible monsters and horrors from the fears in their very minds. In The New Mutants Jackets category, you will find the collection of those outfits like, Sam Guthrie Hoodie, Magik Leather Jacket, Danielle Moonstar Brown Jacket, and many more from the movie that will definitely give you a feel of power and uniqueness. Not just that, just like those mutants, the stitching of these attires is powerful, and the fabric is also comfortable to keep you soothing. So, just wear them and FIGHT YOUR OWN DEMONS!

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