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Have your kids ever dream to ride an expected journey along with a Santa Claus on his sleigh? The most-watched American Christmas comedy movie is about the story of two siblings, Kate Pierce, an enthusiast 11-year -old girl who has faith in Santa and searches Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Also, Kate's older brother, a 16-year-old boy who got a rebellious attitude after the tragic loss of his father. On Christmas Eve, both of them eagerly await Santa's arrival. Kate notices the shadow of the strange arm from the fireplace. Once Kate finds him in the room, Santa immediately heads to the roof. While following Santa, they eventually reach Santa's sleigh while Santa enjoys a ride with reindeer on his sleigh and suddenly loses control, scattering the reindeer and losing all his possessions. The story covers a series of the funniest and enjoyable scenes to entice the viewers. As the movie got famous among the followers, The Christmas Chronicles Outfits are also on the top of the roof. So, our collection includes The Christmas Chronicles Santa Claus Vest, The Christmas Chronicles Kate Jacket, The Christmas Chronicle Santa Claus Coat, The Christmas Chronicles 2 Jack Coat, and many others. Therefore, The Christmas Chronicles Costumes are diligently established by the premium quality fabric to entertain you with a charming and funky look. So, give a try to The Christmas Chronicles Merchandise before the new CHRISTMAS comes with another twist.