Harley Quinn Costume Guides

    Harley Quinn is one of those insane characters who have not just totally rock their character, but their story line and personality have created a huge fandom. In addition to that, Harley Quinn is the character whose name comes in everyone’s mind whenever they even think about insane. From Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn or Psychiatrist to Psychopath, Harley has rocked every appearance of her; whether, its game, movies, comics, or even animation.

    However, not only the character, but her oomph, unique, and little shiny outfits are also responsible for her appearances. Sometimes an anti-hero, sometimes villain, and sometimes even hero, the girl always plays it gracefully no matter which side she is on. Other than that, aside from being obsessed with Joker, Harley also spends her time creating chaos around the Gotham City as well as in Arkham Asylum. Also, her appearances in Suicide Squad and her background in the comics have inspired numerous people as well. Many girls cosplay Harley to impress people as well; however, if you are one of the millions of die-hard fans of Harley, who love to cosplay as the Crime Princess Of Gotham, then what you need to do is to just keep reading as you will surely love these ideas:


    Harley Quinn Blazer Costume

    Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Party Blazer
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Red And Black Top ( View Product )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Sequin Boots ( View Product )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Necklace ( View Product )

    What would be better for an outfit than this Harley Quinn Blazer? Among the many costume and makeovers of Harley from the Birds of Prey, this costume is the sanest among them. Other than that, Margot Robbie’s Harley also looks quite exquisite in this amazing Blazer, which entirely consists of fascinating patches and features Royal Blue color. So, what type of party-goer would not love this outfit, especially when it is inspired by their all-time favorite character? So, just wear this costume and grab the spotlight!

    One of the merits of this Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Blazer is that you will need not to find or purchase too many items. Also, if you want a separate blazer, you can avail it from our website as well. In addition to that, the necklace that we recommended for this costume, you can use it with Harley’s other costumes as well.


    Harley Quinn Wings Costume

    ► Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Hammer ( View Product )
    Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Wings Jacket
    ► Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Necklace ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Shorts ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Tattoo Tights ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Wig ( View Product )

    If you are one of the biggest admirers of Harley, then you will definitely love to cosplay her at any occasion possible. Ever Since Margot Robbie’s Harley Debut, Harley and Margot both have created a huge fandom and popularity in the CBM industry. So, if you are looking for your fantabulous emancipation, then you should try this costume, which is inspired by Birds of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn.

    You can easily find everything which is required for the costume. Also, you can check the quality of the jacket, which is way too durable due to which you can wear it for a long time. The costume is just perfect, if you are looking for something to give yourself an authentic look of the character, then you can also check the socks, a pink top with suspender, and shorts to complete the costume of Harley. So, just wear this costume and get ready to distinguish yourself from the others.

    To give you a head start of creativity, here is a picture of the cosplayer who has done this Harley’s look the best so far. It goes without saying that she has just outdone herself in doing this tremendous cosplay as well as the makeover.


    Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Duster Coat
    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Wig ( View Product )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Hair Bow ( View Product )
    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Blue Patch ( View Product )
    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Pinstripe Pants ( View Product )
    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Nude Sheer Top ( View Product )
    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Grey Boots ( View Product )

    When it comes to characters from CBM, everyone loves to portray them, and when it comes to portraying as one of the badass characters, no one even dares to wish that they want to miss a chance. This Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey Club Costume has made its place in everyone’s hearts as well as wishes as this costume has gained popularity from the first set pictures of Birds Of Prey film. So, girl, if you are really a fan of Harls and her crazy killer instincts, then this is really the best idea for you to try. Not just Harley looks totally insane in it, but she is kind of nailing in this outfit as well.

    You can easily find the items required for this costume. This costume is a masterpiece of its own. The materials that we have suggested you are of the premium quality due to which you can keep yourself comfortable and enjoyable every time you wear them. So, if you are looking forward to this idea, then do try it as it is a perfect idea which everyone not only needs for cosplay but for parties as well. So, wear it and enjoy the moment!


    Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Romper
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Shorts ( View Product )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Brown Roller Skates ( View Products )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Pink Top ( View Product )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Suspenders ( View Product )

    Fresh from the Birds Of Prey movie, this is yet one of the many costumes of Harley from the movie. This Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Romper Costume is yet one of those outfits which even though you can definitely not wear as a normal outfit, but you can surely use it for cosplay or any place where you would want to go and have a little bit of fun. This is one of those crazy outfits of Harley with which you can display your psycho persona.

    The items required for this ‘bats in the belfry’ costume are all mentioned above. Either you can follow the above-mentioned links, or you can go to any of the popular online stores. Most of the items in this Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Romper Costume are similar to those in Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Wings Costume; however, what you need to do is to just wear the boots and romper after removing the Wings Jacket and viola! The costume is served. Other than that, if you are not able to find any of the items, then you can also create your own version of that item so that your costume could look much unique and extravaganza.


    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Breakup Costume Shirt ( View Product )
    ► Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Breakup Silver Sequin Tights ( View Product )
    ► Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Breakup J Pendant Necklace ( View Product )

    What could be worse than a break-up? In Suicide Squad, we got to witness the relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker. However, it all changes in Birds Of Prey, as Harley breaks-up with her Puddin’. However, even in a situation like this, Harley is still rocking in her costume. In the scene, she attempts to talk to Mr. J, but to no avail. Further, she then moves out with all her stuff. Even though it is a sad moment for Harley, but her costume and her looks are still mesmerizing. So, let’s just brighten your smile with this intriguing costume.

    You can shop these suggested items from the links that we have mentioned above. For some of these items, you might have difficulty in finding them for which we will suggest you to replace those items with items from the other costumes. Either you go purchase these items, or you can also search these items on some of the biggest online stores.


    Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket
    ► Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shirt (View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Shorts ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Boots ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Wig ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn ” Good Night ” Bat ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Choker ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Spike Cuffs ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn “Yes Sir” Bracelets ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Tattoos ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Stocking ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Holster ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup Kit ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Gun ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Gloves ( View Product )

    You are a big fan of Harley Quinn, and you don’t like this costume of her, then are you really a big fan of her? Not just this costume is popular among all the costumes of Harley Quinn, but it is also the best costume of Harley Quinn ever. Other than that, the costume is also the literal embodiment of Harley’s craziness as well as absurdity.

    Harley wore this costume in her first live-action movie appearance. This is also the same outfit that broke the internet within just a few hours of its appearance and still ranks as one of the best costumes ever introduced. Other than being completely insane, what makes this outfit great is Harley’s oomphy looks as she wore it with great panache. Since we have provided you with all the things required for the costume, so, what you just need to do is a great and insane makeover.

    To help you more, we have also mentioned the links for all these products as well. If you are worried about the nature of these items, then you don’t need to worry about that as all of these products are of the finest quality. All of these above-mentioned items are enough to give you the perfect look of Harley Quinn.

    Among all the various cosplays of Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Costume, this cosplay has done the best so far yet. Not just this costume represents accurateness of the original costume, but the best thing about this costume is that it also displays the craziness and insanity of Harley’s character as she has done it with great passion and dedication.


    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Club Dress ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Club Damaged Ring ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Club Bracelet ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Club Necklace ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Club Costume Pumps ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Wig ( View Product )

    Not all of Harley’s costumes are for cosplayers, some of them are recommended great choice for party-goers also. If you are not that type of person who is interested in cosplay and all that, then you can also wear this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Club Costume to parties and clubs as well, and you can also attract many people like Harley grabbed the spotlight in that scene. Not just this attire is beautiful to an extent, but also it is quite an oomphy costume which you can wear with great panache. In addition to that, this costume is a legit source of a flamboyant persona that everyone desires. Just wear this costume and look out for your Joker!

    First of all, the main requirement for this Harley Quinn Club Costume is the club dress, which is not just exquisite but quite sexy as well. Other than that, to complete the dress, additional accessories are needed, as well. To make things easier for you, we have mentioned all those items that you will need for your costume.

    This beautiful and charming cosplayer has incredibly outdone herself with her amazing creativity, and her makeover seems quite more than just magical. So, if you are planning for a party, then do try it out!


    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Prison Costume ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Prison Slippers ( View Product )
    ► Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Prison Book ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Burn After Use Tank Set ( View Product )

    While Harley Quinn has rocked with every outfit of her in Suicide Squad, who would not expect that she would completely nail it even in a prison costume as well? Harley wore this Prison Costume during the last scene after she defeats Enchantress along with her Suicide Squad. Also, this suit was equally loved and adored by the fans, just like the others. Along with Harley’s cute looks, the costume also displays her insanity due to which even she is in a prison cell, but still, it looks like that she is just having a good time with a perfect cup of coffee with the coffee machine that Amanda Waller provided her. Just wear this exquisite Harley Quinn Prison Costume and wait for your Joker to break-in and passionately embrace you before taking you HOME!

    For this Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Prison Costume, first, you need to get the tank-top and the detainee costume along with the other accessories to give it the complete and perfect look of the character. A few other accessories later, another important thing you will have to purchase is the Pink Slippers, which are available in the links that we have provided you. If you are finished with your outfit and still feel like missing something, then it is the book that you will be missing. We have provided you the link for the book named Between The Sheets. With all these accessories and products, we hope that you get that exact look you desire to stun everyone.

    Not just this cosplayer has done justice to Harley’s cosplay by doing it accurately, but with great passion as well. The background also carries a resemblance to the actual scene. This is quite a perfect yet fascinating costume with all the authentic detailing.


    ► Harley Quinn Bombshell Red And Black Bra ( View Product )
    Harley Quinn Bombshell Jacket

    Bombshell Harley Quinn is what you get when you turn a sexy character like Harley Quinn into a hot retro character. Harley Quinn adopted this look in the Bombshell storyline in which Harley, along with other super-heroines like Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and various other super-heroines, was re-imagined into a 1940’s retro look. Even in a story line like this, Harley maintained her insanity as well as sexy charms (that’s why it is known as Bombshell). This costume is perfect to wear on occasions like Comic-Con, Halloween, and various others.

    For Harley Quinn Bombshell Cosplay, we have mentioned two products along with their links. Among these products is Harley Quinn Bombshell Dress, which consists of the best quality material to keep it comfortable as well as long-lasting. Other than that, the second product that you will need is the Harley Quinn Bombshell Jacket, which is necessary to carry the iconic look of Bombshell Harley.

    We would like to say that this awesome cosplayer who has performed this cosplay of Bombshell Harley Quinn is incredible. The qualities of the costume are unutterable. Not just this, she has done the cosplay in the best way possible.


    ► Harley Quinn Jester Costume ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Jester Shoes ( View Product )

    Who would not love to cosplay the famous original costume of Harley Quinn? Harley has made many of her iconic appearances in this costume in Batman: The Animated Series and wore this costume in Batman And Harley Quinn movie as well. What’s so special about this Harley Quinn Jester Costume is, that Harley made her first debut in this classic Jester Outfit, and stunned everyone with her fantabulous appearance.
    Other than the jumpsuit, which is the essential part of the attire, this astonishing Harley Quinn Jester Costume includes a Jester hat, eye mask, gloves, makeover, and like always, a deadly but quite cool weapon to reign your terror. In the end, you will need Harley Quinn Shoes as well to complete your outfit. Also, these shoes are very comfortable.

    Even though there are numerous cosplayers who have done the cosplay of this adorable Harley Quinn Jester Costume, but there a few people just like this gorgeous cosplayer who have done this cosplay with charming grace. Not only, she has portrayed a perfect cosplay, but we would like to say that she has outdone herself.


    Harley Quinn Injustice Gods among Us Jacket
    ► Harley Quinn Injustice Gods among Us Leggings ( View Products )
    ► Harley Quinn Injustice Gods among Us Shoes ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Eye Mask ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Joker Necklace ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Choker ( View Product )

    Harley Quinn has appeared in various video games, along with different costumes in each of her appearances. Among these costumes, Injustice: God Among Us ranks as one of her best outfits as it is not just her looks that make this apparel incredible, but her badass persona is also the reason this costume is one of the best. As Harley fights crime in Injustice: Gods Among Us with Batman’s team, which also happens to be the badass team, how could you expect Harley to not go full-on mode with her craziness? Also, more to its beauty, the costume is quite sexy as well to attract everyone with your bewitching charm.

    Not just this Gods Among Us Harley Quinn costume is one of her sexiest attires, but it is slim-fitting and soothing as well. The fabric present in the dress is comfortable so that you can enjoy your moment. Other than this Gods Among Us Harley Quinn Dress, you will need pants as well. Other than that, the remaining items you will need to add are the Harley Quinn Shoe, choker, necklace, eye mask, and a wig (if needed). So, just grab these items and make your oomphy version of Gods Among Us costume of Harley Quinn.

    It goes without saying that this beautiful and fantastic cosplayer has won over this cosplay of Harley Quinn. It seems that she has given quite a tough fight to all the cosplayers who have tried to cosplay this costume of Harley.


    ► Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Costume ( View Product )
    ► Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn Boots ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Warden Card ( View Product )

    So many of the incredible Harley Quinn outfits and yet you still thought that the Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Nurse Costume would not be in this list? Harley is one of the most insane characters in the entire Batman’s Rogue Gallery. Not just as a villain, but Harley has played wondrous roles on the heroic side as well. She had one of the significant parts in the entire Arkham City video game. Somewhere during the story, Harley has don this sexy nurse attire as well. To Harley’s Charm, the costume won the hearts of many fans. So, this is how you can prepare your Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Nurse Outfit easily.

    For your Harley Quinn Nurse appearance, you will firstly need Harley Quinn Nurse Costume, which includes a top along with a skirt and some additional products like a belt, headpiece, warden card, eye mask, cuffs, choker, and gauntlet. Other than that, the boots that we have mentioned above are of the best quality to make the perfect match with your Harley Quinn Costume. Other than being oomphy, the product is soothing, as well.

    This intriguing cosplay is the perfect example of perfection for this Harley Quinn Nurse Costume. She has done this cosplay with such accuracy that it shows her dedication to the character.


    ► Harley Quinn Arkham City Wig ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Arkham City Dress ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Arkham City Bat ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Arkham City Shoes ( View Product )

    Aside from movies, Harley has also taken over the gaming media as well. There are multiple incarnations of Harley Quinn in various games. In Arkham City, Harley has not just stunned everyone with her personality, but with her appearance as well. Other than that, it is one of those costumes of Harley, which have gained popularity with their first appearance. Also, not just looks, but this costume of Harley also displays her badass persona as well. The fact that this costume has made it to this list is due to the reason that it is still known as one of the best costumes of Harley.

    To discuss the attire, let’s start with the wig, it is a significant part of the suit, but if your hair color matches with the wig’s color, then you don’t need it for sure. You can just highlight your hairs from these red and black chalks that are washable as well due to which you will not have to worry more. Moving on, other than the baseball bat, you can also add an inflatable mallet with your costume as it will also suit the character. More to that, pants, choker, gantlet, and belt are also available in the package. Lastly, adding classy Harley shoes will complete the authentic look of the character.

    You can have a look at this Harley Quinn Arkham City Cosplay and take inspiration from this fascinating cosplayer who has done this costume with amazingness.


    Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Costume
    ► Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Shoes ( View Product )

    The injustice series gave various changes to Harley’s character that we have known for years. Among these changes, one of the important yet the sexiest variation is her costume. In Injustice 2, fans saw an updated version of Harley’s costume from Injustice: Gods Among Us and immediately fall in love with it. To spice it up more, the costume update went well with Harley’s character, and fans got towards it a lot.
    To create your Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Cosplay, you will need the Injustice 2 Harley Quinn Costume, which contains a coat along with corset, waistcoat, bracers, pants, holsters, knee pads, and a belt. Other than that, you can include additional weapons like guns, mallet, baseball bat, and many other things as well. Just bring out your inner craziness as you portray the character.

    By looking at this astonishing cosplay, one can simply tell that it is one of the loveliest cosplays of Harley Quinn. From appearance to accuracy, everything is just excellent.


    ► Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Wig ( View Product )
    ► Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume ( View Product )
    ► Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Shoes ( View Product )

    When it comes to hot and sexy outfits of Harley Quinn, video games always play their part best. This Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume that Arkham Knight Video Game introduced is one of those outfits, which could just seduce anyone with ease. Harley played one of the main roles in the game. Fans can also play as Harley Quinn in the game as she is a playable character. To prepare your Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume, what you need to do is to prepare your costume and decorate yourself with a makeover.

    For the Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume, aside from the attire, the first thing you will need is a Blonde wig; however, if you already have Blonde hairs, then what you will want to do is to make ponytails and dye them. Other than that, the cosplay also requires arm warmers as well as leggings as they are not just part of the costume, but they will keep you comfortable as well. After these things, one thing remaining is the Black and Red pair of shoes to complete your attire; nevertheless, how could one finish their Harley Quinn apparel without any weapons? Weapons are one of the essential parts of Harley’s costume due to which you can add anything from guns to mallet to even a chainsaw, and it will still look badass with the outfit.

    This cosplay is one of those cosplays, which anyone can love only at first glance. The entire cosplay is perfect, and more to its greatness, the cosplayer is also one of the best cosplayers. So, if you are thinking of going for this idea, then don’t let anything else come on your mind.

    Since you have got all the ideas you needed to cosplay the sassy and daring character of Harley Quinn; therefore, your costume is now just a few clicks away as we have provided you the links of the products and dresses as well. Also, these dresses are of high-quality and are available for the best yet affordable prices so that everyone can purchase them. Other than that, as you know that Harley’s character is mostly incomplete without a partner, so you can ask your friends or close ones to be your partner in your cosplay as well.
    Harley’s craziness and insanity are some of the main elements to cosplay Harley’s character due to which one should always maintain that part for a perfect cosplay. The outfits that we have recommended you are unique in their own sense; therefore, whatever you will select, it will be different. So, just choose favorite cosplay and BE THE QUINN OF THE SHOW!


    Let’s consider, that as of now, you have prepared your Harley Quinn Costume, all of your preparation has been done, the makeover, all the props, and everything is ready except for one thing; a partner. As everyone knows, adding a partner with your Harley Quinn costume is like a final touch to the cosplay. You can choose anyone to be your cosplay partner, whether it be your close ones, friends, partners, boyfriend, or anyone else. So, now the problem is what character should your partner play? Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we have got it covered for you. In the comics, aside from Joker, there are multiple characters with whom you can make a great team.


    What else could be a great start than the most iconic and the craziest couple of all time? YES, we are definitely talking about Harley and Joker here. Not just the relationship between Harley and Joker is adorable, but it is some sort of a roller coaster. They also have an on and off relationship with the couple breaking-up and patching-up at the end of the day. Even though Joker and Harley have an abusive-relation, but they still love each other. Therefore, you should go for the loveliest couple of all time.


    Since the character of Harley is never straight, so, why not partner her with her BFFF, Poison Ivy A.K.A. Red. Not just Harley and Ivy are friends, but sometimes they are more than that. However, if you are looking for girls only cosplays for yourself and your friend, then this Poison Ivy and Harley couple costume is the best one. Whenever, Harley wants to go away from Joker, or is tired of him, she always goes on a vacation with Ivy during which sometimes they wreak havoc while the other times, they chillax on the beach. So, there is nothing better to prove your friendship goals than this couple costume idea.


    Batman and Harley Quinn? Not just this couple will shock Joker along with the Rogues, but it will shake the Justice League for sure. However, The Caped Crusader and The Crime Princess Of Gotham will be an epic couple with lots of romance. More than that, after seeing this couple, Joker will be so jealous that he will go on to plan another attempt to kill Batman for stealing his girl. You can choose over a variety of both Harley and Batman’s costumes. So, just immediately plan it like Batman and Cosplay it like Harley’s craziness!


    Anyone like Harley can easily get attracted to a famous deadly villain like Harvey Dent A.K.A. Two-Face. Other than that, the other reason to dedicate the cause of this cosplay is that like Harley, Harvey sometimes does not like Joker as well. So, what else could be a better couple than this awe-inspiring match? The fun part, Harley can play with either side of Harvey; however, the funnier part of this couple will be that Harley is diverting Harvey while he is trying to focus hard on his mission, but in the end, it would prove to be definitely a romantic couple!


    We would agree that this couple looks quite odd, but that’s what everyone needs, right? Even though Harley and Bane have never shown interest in each other or neither they have ever been together, but it would still be a great match. However, what if Harley gets tired of Joker and decides to get along with one of the strengthy Batman’s rogues who can even break Batman’s back as well. Other than that, it would be a deadly combination when you blend a deadly insane mind of Harley with Bane’s strength. To cosplay as Bane, you can either wear the classic Bane Costume or the one from The Dark Knight Rises as well. Just cosplay with this deadly character and rule the show with your new Crime Prince of Gotham.


    Wow! what a great couple they could become. There is Harley Quinn, a crazy, badass anti-hero, while on the other side is Oswald Cobblepot, who is also known as Penguin, who is quite fond of Penguins and lives in underground. Well, being in a relationship with Penguin will be quite fun for Harley as she can play with Oswald’s Penguins as well. Appearing as Harley in party with your partner cosplaying Penguin will be disastrous for sure due to the hilarious nature of both of them.


    What would happen when one of the smartest minds in the Gotham meets the craziest mind? Well, to find that out, you will need to cosplay as the couple. It would surely be a great as well as a unique couple, which no one would be expecting. To add more to the couple’s charm, Harley might also be able to solve the crazy riddles of the Riddler. Other than that, together, the couple can devise many great plans as well. So, just wear it and rock the party with your unique style.


    Woah! Who wouldn’t be damned if Harley suddenly leaves Joker and starts dating Deathstroke, who is one of the most daring and the boldest villains of all time? Not just that, but Harley’s guns and Slade’s swords will make quite a noise for everyone to be afraid of them. The epic badass fighter being with the crazy, psycho, and insane anti-hero. Even though it will be a total mess, but the chemistry will always be worth watching. So, just try this out before the trend grows old.


    There would not be a single person who wouldn’t love this epic couple in which insane meets more deadly insane. They are the zaniest and the craziest ones of their respective universes. Either you can say that Harley Quinn is the Deadpool of her universe or Deadpool is the Harley Quinn of his universe, you will not be wrong. The couple would be having fun and eating Chimichangas while all the heroes and villains will be fighting their war. In other words, they would be a smashing couple. One can be sure enough that on the very first meeting with the Merc With A Mouth, the Crime Princess Of Gotham will fall for him in no time. So, just find your Deadpool and try this cosplay with him.


    In case, trying to get with Batman doesn’t work for Harley as she expected, then she can also try to get along with Batman’s protege, Nightwing. You can take the inspiration of this couple from scenes in the Batman And The Harley Quinn. They would make a perfect yet charming couple, jumping from one rooftop to another and surveilling the city. Other than that, Nightwing’s athletic moves are one of the many reasons due to which Harley got attracted to him. If your boyfriend has a super-muscular body and fluffy hair, then you should try this couple costume.


    What more would Harley want for a partner when she got a muscular, hunky, vengeful partner who is an Anti-Hero? YES, we are talking about Red Hood, one of the most badass characters. Other than that, Harley Quinn Injustice Costume will be the best contrast with Red Hood Arkham Knight Costume. Not just this, but you will surely rock with your partner in this Harley Quinn And Red Hood Costume. As Harley loves to play with guns, she would have way too much fun while playing around with Red Hood’s guns. So, just wear these costumes and grab the title of the most badass couple.


    If things don’t go well even with Nightwing as well, then what Harley can do is that she can go for another Batman’s protege Robin a.k.a. Boy Wonder. Even though Robin is young, but he has never missed the opportunity to prove that he is more than just a young superhero and that he is even worth joining the League. Maybe this is the reason due to which he is the leader of Teen Titans as well. So, why would Harley not want to date such a type of person as he also fits with all of Harley’s eligibility? Also, the couple would be deadass for sure. There are many incarnations of Robin that you can portray.


    Even though all these ideas are good but still, what could be better than having two Harley together? No matter that one of them is Harley Quinn; the deadliest psycho and the other Harley is Harley Davidson, one of the best bikes of all time. You would also not need a partner to complete this cosplay, instead, what you will need is just Harley Davidson, and it will be a cool cosplay to do on Halloween, Comic-Con, or any other occasions. So, just wear your costume and cosplay as Harley on Harley.


    Why should girls have all the fun in cosplaying the craziest character? Due to this very reason, you can cosplay as a gender-swapped version of Harley Quinn. Since this is a gender-swapped version of Harley Quinn, therefore, you can cosplay as gender-swapped Joker as well. Not just it will be fun to cosplay, but it will also give the character a twist which no one will be expecting. To add more charm, you can give a dark touch to your outfit and the persona as well, and it will be a character that everyone will be thrilled to see and would easily fall for!

    Now, you have got this huge load of impressive ideas for your costume, now what you need to do is to select, prepare, wear it with your partner, and thrill everyone with these unique and classic combinations for Harley’s partner.

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